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Usage is displayed in the Usage tab on the Admin App. All usage is reported in UTC time. We record two types of usage. Current Cycle usage and Usage History.

Usage History is recorded in real time but your Current Cycle’s total usage is only updated once a day. Cycles are monthly and they reset on your cycle start date. At the end of each cycle, the total usage is summed up and added to your next invoice.

When you update your subscription at any time during a cycle, your current cycle usage linked to your current subscription is reported and added to your next invoice, and then your usage is reset immediately.


Schedules do not stop running and recording usage when you use up your subscription's usage allocation. Any usage beyond your subscription's allocation will be automatically invoiced in your next payment cycle at the per run price of your current subscription. Be sure to either upgrade your subscription plan with enough runs or turn off unused schedules to avoid suprise bills.