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Castodia lets you import data to Google Sheets on a schedule.

Operations, analytics, and support teams struggle to get business data into their Google Sheets. Castodia provides easy-to-use data connectors to your databases, data warehouses, SaaS apps, and APIs, directly queryable from Google Sheets, making it easy to get the latest and freshest data right where you need it to improve workflows and automate data reporting and analytics.

Why use Castodia?

Reduce time to get fresh data in your spreadsheets

Exporting data as a CSV from multiple systems and re-importing to Google Sheets takes too much time. Especially if you need to do this regularly. Wouldn't it be more produtive if you could get all your business data directly in Google Sheets when you open it up on Monday morning? Castodia help you get data without multiple stales CSV exports.

Automate business reports

Making good decisions requires business reports with the latest data, but you might not always be able to pull data on Monday morning at 6am. With Castodia you can schedule a query to run at a specific time. You'll get fresh data into your sheets, which can then update all of your business reports.

Self-serve data when you need it

You can quickly write a query or select tables from your datasources, straight to your Google Sheets. You only need help from Engineering or IT setting it up, but once it's up and running you can fully serve data when you need it, directly into your Google Sheets.