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Subscriptions consists of 2 components, a flat fee and a usage-based fee. The flat fee component is billed at the beginning of each billing cycle and the usage based fee is billed at the end of the billing cycle. This means that the typical line items you’ll find on every invoice will be the subscription flat fee for current cycle and the usage fee corresponding to any excess usage incurred in previous cycle.

There might be some special circumstances that will result in other line items showing up on your invoice. For instance, if during your current billing cycle you decide to update your subscription, your next invoice will show prorated amounts for both your original subscription and for the new subscription in addition to the typical line items you’d expect to see.


Schedules do not stop running and recording usage when you use up your subscription's usage allocation. Any usage beyond your subscription's allocation will be automatically invoiced in your next payment cycle at the per run price of your current subscription. Be sure to either upgrade your subscription plan with enough runs or turn off unused schedules to avoid suprise bills.